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Five Moving Punk Songs

Punk rock isn’t really known to be a genre of music that trades in “moving” songs. But a big part of what I love about the genre is the tendency to subvert expectations. The single biggest aspect that draws me to any type of music (or any form of art for that matter) is honesty, or at the very least, perceived honesty. I feel like there’s a lot of honesty in punk music, and it’s that honesty that makes the songs on this list what they are.

If there’s one major thing all these songs have in common, it’s that they were all written by bands that weren’t known for (and maybe still aren’t known for) writing songs you’d describe as “moving”. It’s not that they lacked honesty or passion, far from it, but they were all bands that traded more in traditional, raw punk rock sounds. By recording these songs they subverted my expectations in a meaningful way, and I think that nearly any listener can hear these songs and feel what the band was trying to get across. Indeed, “feeling” is what makes these songs stand out so much.

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