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Review – The Dark Knight Rises

“It’s a funny world we live in.”

That’s of course a quote from Heath Ledger’s Joker in The Dark Knight. I think it’s my favorite line of his in that whole film. Not so much the line itself but the way he says it – it’s the first (and only) time we see this Joker frustrated. His sociological experiment/attempt to corrupt a whole boatload of Gotham citizens has failed. His deadline has passed, and no one has blown anyone else to smithereens out of fear. Funny world indeed.

I have to wonder if Christopher Nolan is feeling that way right now. He’s completed his trilogy of Batman movies. The three-part opera of elevating superhero movies to the level of true art is in the bag. And people aren’t quite sure how to feel about it. Was it his best film or his worst? You’ll find passionate arguments on the internet for both, and probably a few that land in between.

Or maybe he isn’t feeling that way at all. It’s been suggested that Nolan mailed this one in out of obligation. That he was done with Batman when his lightning-in-a-bottle star, Heath Ledger, passed away. That he had to make a third film because this is Hollywood, and these are comic book movies, and you don’t make just¬†two massively successful comic book movies. You gotta do a trilogy. There’s evidence for this in the film, and lord knows I’m curious to see what he does next. But my final take on The Dark Knight Rises is that, warts and all, it’s spectacular.

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