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Why We Need Nintendo

I have a love/hate relationship with Nintendo. Their games and consoles have had a tremendous influence on how I view my childhood, and as such I will always carry a certain fondness for the company – a fondness I’ve worked hard to prevent turning into fanboyism. That’s where the “hate” part comes into play.

Ever since they eschewed the possibilities afforded by compact disc-based media on the N64 console, it seems that all of Nintendo’s business decisions have been guided by the singular principle of doing the opposite of whatever their competitors are doing – even if those are things everybody wants. Sometimes those decisions have worked out well (motion controls, everything they’ve done in portable gaming), other times, they’ve been baffling and alienating (prehistoric approach to online gaming, steadfast refusal to produce technologically advanced hardware).

Over the past 20 years Nintendo has built itself a mixed reputation – they are seen to consistently create products that appeal to children and (more recently) parents and grandparents, but to the detriment of “core”, adult customers who may have grown up with Nintendo consoles but now crave more mature entertainment. 

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