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5 More Fashion Trends That Will Look Ridiculous in 5 Years

As I’ve written before, the fashion world produces a lot more trends worthy of ridicule than it does cultural staples. It may be our most fickle industry. The fashion cycle runs on clothing styles that seem cutting edge one day, then completely laughable within about 5 years. But every so often, a fashion trend manages to take root that is so instantly, universally recognized for its ugliness that even the most fashion-forward among us refuse to participate. 

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Time to Tear Down Remix Culture

Prepare yourself for some Earth-shattering news: There are a lot of sequels and remakes of movies around these days. 

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5 Good Things Douchebags Have Unfairly Monopolized

Before jumping into this article, I recommend reading my disclaimer/companion piece on the word “douchebag”.

Cognitive dissonance is the uncomfortable feeling we get when people or things we hate make associations with people or things we like. You would feel slightly different flavors of cognitive dissonance if, say, a politician you can’t stand openly supported a platform you were passionate about; or conversely, if a politician you are aligned with came out in support of something you strongly oppose.

The prevalence of douchebags in society has introduced new problems related to cognitive dissonance. We all like to rally behind a staunch anti-douchebag agenda (or at least pretend to), but one of the primary features of a douchebag is their herd mentality. As such, it’s fairly inevitable that some things we non-douchebags enjoy would be embraced by the douchebag community.

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On Douchebags: A Prologue

Later this week, I will be publishing an article called “5 Good Things Douchebags Have Unfairly Monopolized“. As I was in the planning phases of the article, I realized that I was bristling about the use of the word “douchebag”, and even considered making it one of the entries on the list. So, I thought it would be useful to have a conversation about the word. 

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