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Her – Review


The actors in Her are certainly playing against type aren’t they? Joaquin Phoenix plays a brilliant but odd sensitive artist type, Scarlett Johansson plays a smoky-voiced object of desire, Amy Adams is adorable and Rooney Mara is prickly and impenetrable.

Sarcasm aside, the performances in Her are genuinely great across the board. This is the first time I’ve seen Phoenix since the I’m Not Here fiasco, and he is so good I’m genuinely grateful his abandonment of acting in favor of hip hop was (allegedly) a hoax, or some type of performance art.

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5 Simple Truths About Non-Confrontational People

I am a non-confrontational person. And that confession, I believe, is more shaming in today’s society than confessing alcoholism or certain drug addictions. People are quick to make the connection between “non-confrontational” and “spineless”, “cowardly”, and “lacking leadership skills”. I’ve struggled with feeling non-confrontational by nature for years – since my early teens I’d say. It’s weird to feel shame about an aspect of your personality but have no desire to reverse it.

So I have some things to get off my chest. Non-confrontational people get a terrible rap, but maybe I can clear a few things up here. 

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