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The Funnest Game Ever Made

Smash WiiU

I semi-deliberately used the word “funnest” in the title of this article instead of the grammatically sound “most fun”, because that un-word, in a way, represents the philosophy of the game (series) I’m talking about – Super Smash Bros. Rules and expectations may be stretched or broken, but it’s all in the name of fun.

Indeed, Smash Bros may very well be the funnest/most fun game ever made, as far as I’m concerned. It’s certainly not a title I bestow lightly – it may even seem to an outsider ridiculous to even attempt to rank a single video game series that highly. But it has two qualities built into it that make such a thing worthy of real consideration: Range and Longevity.

Regarding range: In this context, I refer to range in terms of appeal. At the time the first game came out, franchise crossovers weren’t common cinematic cash cows (as Marvel has made them). In fact, they weren’t common at all in any medium except maybe comic books, particularly for a company as cautious and protective of its franchises as Nintendo. And yet along comes a game that mashes up most of Nintendo’s popular franchise characters into a 4 player sumo wrestling-inspired fighting/party game. It’s a strange, very Japanese concept, but the appeal of iconic characters from separate Nintendo franchises beating the snot out of each other is immediately enticing to anybody who grew up playing those games.

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