30 – Conclusions

So today is the last day of my twenties.

I don’t have something particularly profound cooked up to say about it. I don’t have much in the way of reflections and am hardly in any mood to talk about my life at the moment. I feel the way people feel when they run into somebody they haven’t seen in several long years, and the first question they ask is “what have you been up to?”

Instead, here are a handful of quick conclusions that have been floating through the noggin lately. There are not 30 of them. Sorry if the title was misleading.

Me, about half of 30.

Me, about half of 30.

Age ain’t nothin’ but a number – that signifies the advancement of your rapidly deteriorating youth and vitality.

Closing another decade feels a bit like seeing the odometer on your call roll over another 10,000 miles. You know your car is in the same condition it was yesterday, the week before, and the month before that. But now it’s just…. older.

RE: “30 is the new 20”. As a statement of consolation, it’s not a bad one. I also kind of believe it when people say the 30’s is the best decade to be. I still feel young, but I also feel like I kind of know who I am, where I’m going, and what I’m supposed to do. And I don’t make as many bad decisions.

Of course, everyone who says 30’s was their favorite decade are always over 40. Does this mean I should be afraid of 40?

OK, I will say, I suddenly feel very tired of the whole birthday thing. I don’t remember feeling that last year. A big part of me wanted the occasion to pass without any fuss. Without thinking too hard on it, this might be the single most inconceivable notion Young Jon ever had about older people. It’s too bad I still don’t have an explanation for it.

At 30, a male is definitely a man. If you are over 30 and male and still don’t feel like a man, it’s time to start talking to your dad, or equivalent male role model.

A person ought to start accepting that life isn’t only about their own desires anymore. Take stock of how often you think about yourself versus how often you think about somebody else. This somebody can be a spouse, a child, a close friend, a new friend, a complete stranger that your favorite charity might be helping, and so on. If your mind tends to land on others at least slightly more than it lands on you, you’re probably where you should be. Sorry if that one sounded preachy.

If you find yourself in a social hotspot that skews young enough to where you don’t want anyone there to know your age – congratulations, you’ve advanced beyond that place. Get the Hell out.

30 and over singles, “half your age plus 7”. That means 22 and up. Believe.

If I still have access to this list when I’m 40, well, I hope I don’t. Because I might think it’s rubbish. And that’s a good thing.

RE: “Youth is wasted on the young”. Totally agree.

I have some good traits, as well as some flaws. But everything about me that is good I have because of my friends, and loved ones. I don’t deserve much, if any credit for them.

That seems like a good one to end on.

Correction: “On which to end”.


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