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Love actually

 There was more than one lobster present at the birth of Jesus? 

So, Love Actually… a movie with a repulsive title, billed as “the ultimate romantic comedy” on its own box art, starring Hugh Grant, loaded with scenes precisely engineered to extract the maximum amount of sap, that cynically trades on the syrupy nostalgia and commercial appeal of Christmas… and it’s one of my favorite movies.

How, how oh how, could this ever happen?

And no, it’s no mistake that this review is coming on the heels of Tombstone, maybe the manliest movie I review in this series. I felt I needed to build up some man credit first before publicly declaring my love, actually for Love Actually.

But the truth is, Love Actually is great. And I hope you won’t begrudge my ultra-liberal America-hating tone when I say that a large part of that has to do with it not being American. This movie is SO British, you guys! It’s a cast rivaled only, perhaps, by the Harry Potter series for the largest number of notable British actors – Hugh Grant (blegh, but he’s good here), Colin Firth, Martin Freeman, Keira Knightley, Andrew Lincoln (it’s Rick with an English accent!), Alan Rickman, Emma Thompson, Bill Nighy, Rowan Atkinson, plus notable non-Brits Laura Linney and Liam Neeson. It’s loaded with dry British humor, and, in a decidedly non-American twist for such a mainstream movie – rated a hard R. Most of it is for language, and they definitely earn the rating on that front, but there’s a sprinkling of nudity as well.

I’ve also heard Love Actually described as the Pulp Fiction of romantic comedies. I think that’s a better description. A number of individual stories are interwoven with each other – and while not told out of sequence, feature characters from other stories as background characters. As you may have guessed, each story revolves around some type of love. It’s a little disappointing from a progressive standpoint that the movie only briefly glosses over the concept of same sex love, but apart from that omission the stories are fairly diverse. And they don’t all have happy endings.

One of the best individual tales is also one of the shortest and simplest in the film. Two porno movie stand-ins fall in love on set. Their job is to lazily mime sex acts in the nude for shot framing purposes, and their casual banter while doing so (“Junction 13 was just murder wasn’t it? Total gridlock…”) is fantastic. Their low key, timid and chaste courtship is perfectly juxtaposed. In another, a woman pines for a co-worker who seems way out of her league until they miraculously find a Moment – which is interrupted at the worst possible instant by a heart-shattering familial obligation. And one story centers on a dweeby guy with no game who decides his only chance to find love is to fly to America and use his English accent to pick up girls. Each story is a knowingly cheesy cliché with a twist that makes it interesting.

When I think about other specific examples to cite, it strikes me how EPIC this movie is. I can’t even tell you how many individual stories are contained here, but despite that and a 2 hour-plus run time, I’ve never felt like it was overlong. They say great editing is something you will never notice, and that’s completely the case here. The pace and rhythm make it seem to much tighter than it should be.

All that being said, I still feel like I’m failing to justify why a serious movie fan should give Love Actually a chance. I guess if I had to put it in a sentence, it’s far more vulgar, more clever, and more British than a movie like this ought to be. It may be exploitative, but it’s smart enough to make you feel OK with having your emotions manipulated. Like a rare great song by a pop superstar – you may feel guilty for liking it, but time will eventually wipe that away for you when it becomes a classic.

This movie is already starting to make its way onto peoples’ Christmas viewing rituals, including mine. I watch it pretty much every year now. And I’m comfortable admitting that.

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